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Villas In Bali And Best Areas To Stay

The azure blue sea, swaying coconut trees, and the sun on your skin. This is only one part of the Bali experience. Cool mountain air, striking waterfalls, and rainbows across the inland valleys are also a genuine facet of Bali. The magical island of Bali will surprise you with its many interesting features, charming characteristics and not to forget welcoming and magical local culture. Famous for its turquoise waters, silky sand, and beach fun lifestyle, Bali also has wealth of adventure waiting for you on the other side of the island. With So much on offer, here’s some information on the different areas in which you may want to stay during your visit to the Island of the Gods. From sun kissed Kuta, to upmarket Seminyak, to the magical forests of Ubud, here is a guide to Bali’s best areas. We’ve got a range of villas and hotels for every budget across the island. Your dream holiday in tropical paradise is just a click away.

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Villas in Kuta and things to do on your Bali holidayKuta

The seemingly endless stretch of smooth white sand at Kuta Beach put Bali on the global map. The moment international surfers discovered the beauty of Kuta, there was no stopping the rest of the world from curiously journeying over to see what all the fuss was about. A lot of these wanderlust-filled travelers couldn’t bear to leave. They built gorgeous, tropical styled homes with lush gardens and private pools. As this trend caught on, Kuta started to sparkle with beautiful Bali villas, all of which are within walking distance to the beach. Kuta is the truly original hotspot of Bali. Travelers could land at the island’s airport, be in Kuta within 5 minutes, and be certain there would always be something exciting to do. We encourage you to book a Bali villa in Kuta if you have a lot of energy and are prepared to be in the thrilling hustle and bustle of Bali’s prime tourist center. You can walk out of your villa Bali and arrive at a surfer shack, tattoo shop, international restaurant, or even a pumping nightclub within mere seconds. The comfort and relaxing atmosphere of villas in Bali is particularly vital if you intend on walking around Kuta on a daily basis. For the best range of Kuta Villas click here to see more.

Villas in Kuta and things to do on your Bali holidayLegian

If you aren’t prepared for all the lively sights and sounds of Kuta, but still want to be close to the action, explore the charming beach town of Legian. This delightful district neighbors Kuta, and you will find that Kuta Beach and the many, quieter beaches of Legian do meet. If you possess an insatiable thirst for shopping, you will absolutely adore the streets of Legian. The main Legian streets are lined with shop after shop; the contents of each varying greatly with stunning products. Discover designer boutiques with one of a kind dresses, suits, and shoes. Delight in handmade Balinese crafts, colorful sarongs, and scores of eclectic goodies to take back home for your friends and family. When you’ve had your fill of shopping and want to rest your feet, walk back to your nearby Bali villa and go for a splash in the pool. Then make your way down to the beach for a groovy sunset session. The villas Bali in Legian are conveniently positioned within walking distance to the beach as well as the many unique stores. For the best range of Legian Villas click here to see more.

seminyak villas wiht first class service and close to the beachSeminyak

If you consider yourself a food connoisseur, and have quite the penchant for fine dining, you will want to book your stay in Seminyak villas Bali. Over the years, this elegant area has developed a reputation for being a nucleus of the most diverse, first-rate restaurants of varying international cuisines. Don’t worry, scattered in between these luxurious eateries are the ever-popular, local Indonesian ‘warungs’. Book your villa Bali in Seminyak, and you’ll have the chance to walk to a different restaurant every single day. Many villas and hotels are within walking distance of the beach, or you may need to hop on a motorbike or take a super short taxi ride to the beach, but you’ll appreciate the calm, laidback atmosphere of Seminyak beaches. A lot of expat residents and Indonesians favor Seminyak beaches for their daily sunset ritual, and you’ll get to meet some wonderfully friendly people who can tell you about their interesting life on the island. Seminyak also hosts plenty of designer shopping options, and you’ll know that your newly purchased item is the only one of its kind. Seminyak exudes tropical luxury and upscale fun, and its Bali villas mirror these very same characteristics. Seminyak Bali villas are perfect for experiencing a chic and glamorous island escape. For the best range of Seminyak Villas click here to see more.

canggu villas surrounded by rice paddies and private poolsCanggu

Canggu has recently flourished into an ultra-trendy neighborhood. Villas in Bali, in the Canggu area, offer you the chance to stay in a semi-rural area, whilst still with every amenity you could require for the perfect holiday in easy reach.. Amazing coffee shops, splendid cafes boasting all organic ingredients, as well as vegan and vegetarian restaurants have been sprouting up throughout Canggu, and they all come with relaxing rice paddy views. Canggu has some of the best surf breaks on the island, and serve as an international playground for passionate surfers. Your Canggu Bali villa is only a 5-10 minute drive from Seminyak, providing quick access to the exciting touristy centers while remaining in a calmer, serene environment. Staying in Bali villas in Canggu will definitely allow you to taste the flavors of local Balinese life. You’ll notice the diligent farmers tending to their rice fields, the fishermen on the tranquil beaches, and the children proudly flying their kites in the evening skies. Canggu Bali villas range from cozy, 2 bedroom bungalows fit for a simple surfing trip, to the ultramodern, decadent villas with 20meter long pools and breathtaking rice paddy views. The peaceful, refreshing ambience of Canggu will remain consistent, no matter which type of Bali villa you decide to stay in. For the best range of Canggu Villas click here to see more.

sanur villas close to the beach and private poolsSanur

Sanur can be best described as having the scenic similarity of Kuta, but with half as much activity, people, and surf. The south east coastline of Bali offers pretty white sand beaches with gentle, child-friendly waves. Book your villas in Bali in Sanur if you’d like to enjoy a calm, quiet and simple beach town. The main strip is bejeweled with international restaurants and ice cream shops. Perhaps the most magical moment to be found in Sanur is at 6 in the morning. Positioned on the eastern edge of the island, Sanur’s beach is the perfect spot to catch a mesmerizing sunrise. Everyone always makes time for sunset, but Sanur will remind you how beautiful Bali’s sunrises are as well. You won’t have to wake up too early, simply roll out of bed in your villa and stroll down to the beach. Sanur beach holds a marvelous kite festival in the late summer months, creating a wondrous site never to be forgotten. The local boys often build kites up to 20 meters in length and 10 meters in width, displaying an incredible amount of dedication and creativity. So lay out by the pool of your Sanur Bali villas and look up to the sky as thousands of multicolored kites bejewel the atmosphere above. For the best range of Sanur Villas click here to see more.

ubud villas are surrounded by Bali temples and rice paddiesUbud

Bali villas in Ubud almost seem to come out of a fairy tale. Perhaps that’s because Ubud is known as the spiritual, cultural, and arts center of Bali. This mountain town is far removed from sand and sun of Bali’s popular beach life. In Ubud, you will discover giant trees with low hanging branches, mystical waterfalls, rushing rivers, jungle valleys and verdant ravines. The actual centre of Ubud is a small but vibrant area filled with healthy restaurants, silversmiths, aspiring artists, spas, salsa dancing, and yoga studios. Refresh your mind, body and soul with the passionate locals of Ubud, who inspire a different kind of Bali experience with their love for art and spiritual rejuvenation. If you love adventure, put Ubud on your list of villas in Bali to stay in, because you will have the advantageous position of being close to the most exciting tours. Cannoning, white water river rafting, elephant safaris, monkey forests, and mountain hikes are all just under a 20 minute drive away from your Ubud villa Bali. Your Bali villa itself will be nothing short of a magical experience. Bedrooms are carved into the sides of forested valleys, exhibiting breathtaking views of powerful rivers below your residence, and misty jungles in the distance. Sprawling gardens with interesting plants and flowers, Jacuzzis, and teetering infinity pools will also complete your stay at an Ubud villa. For the best range of Ubud Villas click here to see more.

Nusa Dua villas are absolute luxury. Exclusive service and beachfront locationNusa Dua

If you love spending more time in the water than out, we highly recommend booking your villas Bali at Nusa Dua. This elegant area is home to the most crystal clear waters on the island. Contrasted with silky white sand, Nusa Dua beaches are favored by families who want to spend the entire day relaxing in the sun. The waves in Nusa Dua are quiet and gentle, providing a safe and refreshing swimming environment for younger children and elderly travelers. Pantai Geger and Pandawa Beach are two of the most alluring beaches in Nusa Dua. Water Blow is a popular tourist attraction where you can witness a magnificent rock creation producing a giant splash as the powerful waves collide in the rock wall. This striking phenomenon produces a splash of water up to 30 feet in the air. Nusa Dua offers a clean environment and an ambience of upscale fun, so gather up a large group to stay in a villa and enjoy the effortless splendor Nusa Dua has to offer. For the best range of Nusa Dua Villas click here to see more.

jimbaran villas that are five star luxury and perfect for familiesJimbaran

Jimbaran is a truly special area of Bali. One of the biggest fish markets in south Bali is located in Jimbaran. Visit Jimbaran beach in midmorning and witness the multicolored fishing vessels bobbing along, not far out from the sandy shores. These tireless fishermen spend their day catching local lobster, fish, octopus, and many more species of marine delicacies. This ultra-fresh seafood is then prepared and served on candlelit dining tables along the beach, allowing you to savor a spectacular sunset as you share a splendid dinner with your family and friends. Everyone who comes to Bali comes to Jimbaran from this unique seafood dinner experience, so find your Bali villa in Jimbaran and stay close to the fun. Enjoy incredible views of Jimbaran beach, and allow you to enjoy a central position between Kuta and Nusa Dua. Villas in Bali Jimbaran are only 5 minutes away from the island’s airport. For the best range of Jimbaran Villas click here to see more.

uluwatu villas with amazing sunset views and cliff top locationsUluwatu

If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like for your jaw to physically drop from awe at the sight of stunning ocean panorama, come stay in Uluwatu villas in Bali. Uluwatu is home to the most southern point of Bali. Bai’s southern shores are geologically formed by towering limestone cliffs, and provide outstanding views of the Indian Ocean. More than 180 degrees of powerful blue swells will meet your gaze from the balcony of an Uluwatu villa Bali. Uluwatu is home to some of the largest, most powerful waves on the island, and entice international surfers from all over the world to test their fate on these waters. Book your holiday in Uluwatu Bali villas and come attend international surf competitions at a beach down the road from your island pad. Don’t forget to visit Sunday’s Beach Club, and Single Finn beach club. Mingle with travelers from all over the world who came to see what all the excitement over Bali’s most beautiful beaches is about. For the best range of Uluwatu Villas click here to see more.

Villa Bedrooms

If you’re looking for a 1 bedroom villa Seminyak for a romantic retreat for your honeymoon in Bali, a 2 bedroom pool villa Seminyak with friends then we have what you’re looking for. We also have an extensive range of 3 bedroom villa Seminyak which are great for larger groups and families. If you need 4 bedroom villa Seminyak we have a complete range of budget and 5 star villas with private pools and first class service. For large families holidaying together then please see our 5 bedroom villa Seminyak. Our Bali properties are all hand selected to offer you the very best in villa accommodation.

If you are looking for a Bali villa wedding we have arrangements with many villas and also wedding planners to ensure that you experience the perfect Bali wedding. We also offer an extensive portfolio of Bali luxury villas as well budget options and for those looking to get the most out of their money on their holiday see our range of cheap Bali villas that still deliver luxury and value for money. Bali accommodation villas are often cheaper per person per night than staying in a hotel when a family or a group of friends share a villa. Enjoy spacious bedroom suites with large comfortable beds, cool air conditioning and luxurious en suite bathrooms, many with outdoor showers and their own tropical gardens.

Things to do in Bali

with every booking you save on all the things to do in baliWhen you’re on holiday, relaxation is of course going to high on the agenda for many, and when you’ve got your Bali luxury villa, spending time around the pool or enjoying an in villa meal with family and friends is a great way to enjoy some of your time in Bali. But it really is worth heading out and about and seeing some of what this fantastic island has to offer. Bali offers a range of spectacular restaurants with world class chefs offering cuisines from around the globe. Great beach clubs serve up delectable cocktails and unbeatable settings to watch a sunset. Of course the island is famous for surfing but what about trying other water sports such as diving or paragliding behind a speedboat. The island’s interior offers a dramatic landscape of jungles and volcanoes, so what about a night time hike to see sunrise from the summit of Mount Agung? Cultural tours will allow you to get up close to the traditional ways of life still thriving on the island, whilst quad biking, trail biking or mountain biking tours combine the opportunity for adrenaline and exploration. Waterparks are great for the family, or what about a trip to Bali Safari Park? The options are endless, discover more on your Bali holiday. Save on a full range of Bali tours when you book your villa with us. Check out all the things to do in Bali here.

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Thanks for helping us organise our stay in Bali. Our Villa was amazing. The accommodations were second to none, and the villa staff were always helpful as was your website which helped us to easily plan our stay. Thank you for helping us enjoy a fantastic holiday.
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Outstanding professionalism and service. The way to see Bali!
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Great and luxury villa no booking fees.
Best Bali Holiday Ever!We just came back from Bali and loved every moment! Bali was such an affordable holiday for us. We booked at the Hotel Indigo with Bali Tours And More. The team arranged airport pick up and the hotel was amazing. Right on the beach. A really perfect location.We then did the Mount Batur trek which was so worth it and just amazing views from the top. It took a few hours to get up there but we left we unforgettable memories.We also did the water rafting and ATV adventure.Then we spent a lot of time relaxing and what a place to do that, Bali is the perfect holiday destination for us!Thanks so much for organising everything for us and all the VIP passes it was a perfect holiday!
We couldn’t thank them enough for everything they did for us. Bonny knows everything about Bali and more, you can ask him anything! We loved the VIP books, and especially since a lot of the restaurants were on my list to try.
Abigail K - Harrisburg, PennsylvaniaAbigail K - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Thanks to this entire team for making our Bali holiday wonderful! I found them on Facebook, and I was skeptical because they seemed so new, but they do everything…. it sounds too good to be true. We had excellent services and recommendations, and then the free airport transfers with our villa booking was just the icing on the cake. We ended up booking a day with surf lessons and the Kecek Dance, with dinner at El Kabron after. It was all perfect and so easy to enjoy bc everything was taken care of for us!
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I highly recommend Bali Tours and More. They have made everything an absolute breeze on both my trips to Bali. On my very first trip to Bali (on my own!), I was a bit nervous. But with Bali Tours and More, I felt truly looked after, almost as though I had a personal travel agent/concierge service! Booking was the easiest thing ever, airport transfers were personalised and reliable, and they even did live chat with me, to work out the best accommodation option for my personal needs....
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Kimberly LKimberly L
Bonny and Gede are the best! If you want the best of Bali, these two are your guys! My husband and I booked my hotel with Bali Holidays and More, after talking to Bonny, he knew exactly what we needed - a beachfront hotel in Legian with a swim up bar and good cocktails. The Bandha is new and we loved it! And then he booked us a tour with Gede to Ubud, and he even took us to a few the most beautiufl waterfalls for photos. We love you guys, we will be back!
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We had a great experience dealing with Bali Tours and more.We did the quad bike adventure and had a ball, highly recommend booking through Bali tours and more. We did 1hour, definitely would do 2 hours next time. It was a great balance of adventure, site seeing and a little bit of adrenaline (if you wanted).Thank you.
Niina Niina - Bali, IndonesiaNiina Niina - Bali, Indonesia
There is so much to explore on this island. Bali Tours and More provides a great service to make most of it! Friendly and reliable staff! #happyholiday.
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Thank you had a great time accommodation perfect and transfers very punctual. Have recommended you to many people
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Amazing team of people who have all the best prices for all the best tours and activities in Bali. This is the perfect one stop site for everything Bali! No matter what age or budget, these guys have able to find the perfect tour!
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Five star tour guide service in Bali with great prices for families.
Bali Tours and More - November 10, 2018
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Great prices, see the best tours in Bali, great service, great tour guides, great for families.
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Great team of people who had all the great tours and activities me and my friends wanted to do. They organized everything including the pick up from our hotel and made our holiday so much more fun. Thank you for being so fantastic!
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Tonight i booked my accommodation for my up coming Bali Trip. Its just too easy. The service is prompt, communication fabulous. Sooo much cheaper than any other booking site. This is my second booking and certainly will not be my last.Roll on March 2019.....15 days of relaxing on the beach at Sanur.
Sharon CSharon C
Thank you for your amazing tours and your driver could not do enough for us... He couldn’t have done anymore for us..
Just came back from my 5th trip to Bali and it gets better and better. Bali holidays helped me book a beautiful villa in Seminyak. Paid in Australian dollars which was awesome as didn’t lose money on currency exchange the villa was perfect and staff were super helpful....
OliverGoldsmith1971 - Melbourne, AustraliaOliverGoldsmith1971 - Melbourne, Australia
REVIEW: Who doesn't love a Bali holiday! Thanks for sorting everything out. The hotel was terrific, great swim up bar and really clean rooms!. The tours and hike to Mount Batur was breathtaking. Thanks for organizing all the finer details
Robert Upward - AUSRobert Upward - AUS
I have used Bali hotels and more several times. Always delivering above and beyond. I have always been extremely happy with the quality of the accommodation I have booked with them. They always go that little extra to help with all your needs. Friendly, reliable, true professionals with local knowledge and impeccable service.
I never want to leave! We have the best ever Bali holiday. Thanks so much to Bali holidays for organising all the tours. The Ubud cycle was amazing and then the jungle swing and Bird park were just beautiful. Thanks for helping me choose 2 great hotels and getting me around the Island. So much easier your team doing it as I actually got to relax and that is what I wanted out of my holiday. Thanks so much to Gede the tour guide and Bonny for helping to book everything. See you soon team!
Just got home from our amazing Bali holiday!the kids and us loved every minute of it. Perfect weather, amazing hotel, cheap food and drinks. Bali Tours And More booked the Hard Rock Hotel for us which was really great value for money and so much to do for the kids. We actually got a holiday too! Then we book snorkeling in Nusa Penida, Waterbom and Ubud tours. All great value for money and lot of fun. Really appreciate you helping us book everything, we had no idea where to start and it was good to chat during the planning process. Thanks to your team for such a great effort! We are booking again in 12 months.
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I highly recommend Bali Hotels and More. They have made everything an absolute breeze on both my trips to Bali. On my very first trip to Bali (on my own!)
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Excellent, fun and safe quad bike tour. Highly recommend.
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Thank you team for making such an easy and discounted getaway at a gorgeous spot 💕
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Amazing! Organized hotel and transport for wherever I needed to go, showed me sites around Bali that I wouldn't of been able to see on my own.  Helpful and friendly would 100% recommend them!
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Great villa selection, luxury villa, great for families, expert support staff, no booking fees. Thats What I Like With Bali Villas And More.
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Your guys are great! Our parents villa was amazing and the waterfall tour was incredible. Bonny who booked everything was brilliant and Gede the tour guide was such really terrific. Would definitely book with you and your team again!
Walter Daniel KWalter Daniel K
The helicopter ride to the Gilis was amazing - apart from the scenery and the convenience the thing I dread most is the drive from Canggu to Padang Bai. Avoiding all the traffic and waiting and simply getting into a helicopter was a whole new experience. Bali Tours and more did a great job with everything, I had a few custom requests. Especially Bonny was extremely helpful in accommodating all of my needs. He even answered my messages long after working hours - extremely helpful. Will definitely book again with them!
tarekbh - Melbourne, Australiatarekbh - Melbourne, Australia
Thanks for taking care of our holiday our family had an amazing time! My girls loved the tours and we loved the tours we booked. The hindu culture tours were fantastic and great to show our young girls a different way of life. The hotel was amazing and right on the beach and best price we could find. The entire experience really made our holiday. Pleasure to work with your team and have somebody to chat to during the entire process. Great job!
It was so much easier getting your team to do everything. Gede our tour guide was just lovely and took us to all the best places. Loved the Bali bird park and the ATV riding.The villa you helped us find was outstanding! The staff were great and it was in the best area of Seminyak and walking distance to all the shops.We loved the VIP book you gave us and went to great restaurants and beach clubs.I would also definitely recommend the Ubud Cycle tour it was great to see the areas of Bali that weren't so busy and you can still see farmers at work. Great tour!Thanks for all your help again
Sean O'Meara - AUSSean O'Meara - AUS
Awesome - holiday arranged White water rafting for us with pick ups etc - great and easy to deal with!!
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We stayed at Villa Sirocco in Canggu and Bali Villas and More was great in assisting us to find the most amazing place to stay. Their website was easy to use and they were great in recommending places to visit and things to do during our stay. Fantastic 5 star service. Highly recommended.
Do yourself a favour and book with Bali Tours and More! I can't recommend highly enough. Everything was so seamless, from requesting the information for the tour (I did Nusa Penida incl. snorkelling departing from Bali), the booking process, the return hotel transfers and the tour itself. Nothing was overlooked and the professionalism was second to none by the tour operators. When I got back to Bali from the ferry, I accidentally went to the wrong place and missed my car back to the hotel. I made a quick call to their staff and within 5 minutes, they had organised another car to take me!! The service is amazing, I wouldn't book with anyone else. Thanks again to the whole team at Bali Tours and More!!!
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What a holiday! I love Bali and everything there is to do here! My kids had such an amazing time. I used Bali Tours And More to find me a great hotel in Seminyak. Their drivers picked me and my family up from the hotel which was easy.....