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Adventurous Bali Activities

3 October 2016 by balivillasandmore

With pristine beaches, lush landscapes, luxurious accommodation and and a fascinating culture, Bali is a spot to unwind and rejuvenate. However, this heaven isn’t just for people who need to take a step back and relax. If you’re daring and love the outside, why not challenge yourself with some adrenaline pumping action? There’s more to Bali than surfing when it comes to adventure. On land or in the water, here’s a run down of some of the best adventure sports activities in Bali!

Kitesurfing in Sanur

Mix paragliding, windsurfing, gymnastics, surfing and wakeboarding and you have likely the most extreme sports ever – kitesurfing. Kitesurfing has a big following across the world and requires great physical strength and skill. As the isle’s top surfing destination, Sanur brings lots of kitesurfers. Known for the huge waves, Sanur Beach also offers calm water, perfect for you if you’re a beginner. If you’re a skillful kitesurfer, drive the waves outside the lagoon, or durig the dry season, the waves of Canggu are another popular location.
Kite surfing one of many activities in Bal

Mahana Point Cliff Jump.

Daredevils, here is your calling. Jump from a high cliff top into clear blue water below, while the world around you spins and shifts. A small pub situated on a cliff top in Nusa Ceningan, Mahana Point, gives its clients a possibility to do just that. Kudos to you if the sight of other courageous jumpers have got your blood racing!

Cliff jumping one of the top things to do in Bali


Top Things to Do in Bali

Cave Diving at Shark Cave.

Cave diving provides an envigoratingsubmerged challenge, where you dive into the underwater cavern, if you want to go beyond normal scuba diving. A type of technical diving, this sport demands intensive training, highly specialized respiration gear, and can even present high risks. However, the compensation is priceless. Shark Cave is a favourite place to go for cave diving. And as the name implies, the cavern is home to the numerous sharks, along with butterfly fish and lobsters of Bali.

Cave diving at shark cave is one of the top things to do in Bali.

Canyoning in Northern Bali

Canyoning (or canyoneering as it is called in the Usa) is among the latest outdoor activities in Bali, and is an extreme experience – entailing hiking, trekking, and rappelling. Northern Bali is the preferred location for this task due to its many waterfalls. Traverse deep ravines in Balinese jungles, and test your physical endurance between as you swim in the river as flows through the deep canyons. Canyoning in Bali ranges from beginners to advanced. Kalimudah is the most well-known course for canyoning enthusiasts. If you want to test yourself with something more extreme, head to Tukad Hijau, and enjoy a 2 hour adventure. You’ll need to have a reasonable level of fitness for this activity and it’s best when there’s been some rain so it’s a great option for the wet season!

Canyoning is one of many Bali Activities

Bali Activities

Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater rafting is an fun- packed, adrenaline pumping way to have fun and see more of Bali. Wait for the rain to fill the rivers and then you’ll be crashing your way through the whitewater rapids of rivers which run through stunning jungle ravines. You’ll be provided with all the safety equipment you need and be part of the crew in a professionally guided raft. This really will give you a way of seeing Bali that is totally unique and fun filled.

Activities in Bali White water rafting
Flyboarding in Nusa Dua.

From the calm waters of Tanjung Benoa Beach, fly from the water, as you take part in the lateset craze on the bloc- Flyboarding. Devised Franky Zapata, by a former jet ski champ, it joins a Jet Ski motor and a surfing board. You will be wearing a boot attached with a hose attached to a motor. High water pressure will propel you into the air, with water ejecting from the nozzles – you literally will be flying like a superhero. The key to flyboarding is standing up straight, but if you are more experienced and desire to experiment, you may also dive in the water like a human dolphin. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you could find yourself flying as high as 15 meters above the water. This one really is a must for adrenaline junkies.

Flyboarding is one of the great water activities in Bali

Activities in Bali

Freediving at Tulamben Shipwreck

Freediving is diving under water without the aid of respiration gear. It has become among the latest watersports across the world. Though categorized as an extreme sports, it can also be a clam and relaxing experience, with many free diving schools also offering yoga and mediation classes, and breath control is an essential skill. Bali is rich in under water treasure nd diving and snorkeling is one of the tops things to do in Bali. Enjoy exceptional freediving experiences in well-known places like the USAT Liberty Wreck in Tumbalen. Find deep coral reefs, soft corals, and marine creatures from around this old ship that was torpedoed by the Japanese during world war II.
Bali Activities, free diving on the Tulamben Shipwreck 

Water Tube in Payangan Area

Bali is home to rivers, canyons, and many streams and the northern area of Payangan is among the isle’s most untouched areas.
Flowing down the river, you’ll get a heart-pumping experience from the water as you experience Bali from a completely unique point of view. Why is water tube distinct from water rafting? Water tubing is a solo ride with an inflatable donut shaped water pipe. You simply go with the flow down the the River Siap.
Bali Travel River Tubing

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Have you been seeing the rise of a brand new outdoor exercise – Stand Up Paddle or SUP? A SUP is like a larger surfboard on which you stand and use a canoe paddle. SUP may not look difficult, however it really requires balance and core strength, so it is an excellent work out. Now merge this with a more comfortable watersport – surfing. If you do paddle surfing, you will be capable to pursue larger waves at a faster pace. You’ll find options for SUP all over the island, from calm lagoons at beach clubs to famous surf spots. Surfing schools provide hire boards as well as classes. Even the infamous, Laird Hamilton, known as the Greatest Surfer of the World, loved paddle surfing in Sanur. If you are feeling more daring, head to the Blue Reef for larger waves. If you are a surfer that is skilled and desire to attempt something new, trust us, you will fall in love with this sport!
Stand up boarding a great Bali things to do


Paragliding in Nusa Dua.

Have you wondered what it is like to fly? Paragliding gives you an encounter close to truly being a bird. The best time for flying is from Apr to October, and Bali is a great place to experience this sport. Launch your wings and shortly you’ll be soaring above the isle, greeted with spectacular views of shores, cliff, temples, and the sea before touchdown on Geger Beach, where one can see seaweed farming. Tandem flights are a great way to experience the thrills of this sport for the first time, and will take your Bali travel experience to a whole new level!
Paragliding in Nusa Dua

Bali Travel – so many activities to choose from!

Rock Climbing at Padang Beach.

Recall the film Eat Pray Love’? You may remember, among the film many locations, Padang Padang Beach, a world famous surf spot on the south of the island. As well as great surf, the tall cliffs and rocks that can be found there also attract climbing enthusiasts. Attempt to scale the limestone stone – measuring 50 metres broad and 10 metres high – which even seasoned rock climbers acknowledge is a challenge.

Activities in Bali Rocki Climbing at Padang Pdang

Climb Mount Agung
Of all the volcanoes on Bali, Mount Agung is the most sacred. The silhouette of this impressive volcano dominates the skyline. On the slopes you’ll also find one of the most sacred temples in Bali – The Pura Besakih Temple, Bali’s mother temple which has been situated here for the past 1000 years. This is also the starting point for one of the routes if you wish to tackle the summit. Alternative routes provide more of a physical challenge, with scrambling as well as walking involved. A guide and permit is required to climb Mount Agung. An overnight ascent to be on the summit for sunrise is something not to be missed!

Top things to do in Bali – Climb Mount Agung!When you’re considering Bali things to do, get adventurous, get out there and get the adrenaline pumping. And after all that hard work, you really will have earned your cocktail by the pool! If you are looking for some activities for all the family, or ways to relax, unwind and pamper yourselves, you may also be interested in this article: /things-to-do-in-bali/ and we’re more than happy to help you book you Bali tours too! /things-to-do-in-bali/

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